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Specializing in Chronic Pain Management for Former Athletes and Active Individuals

At Shift Performance Physical Therapy in Knoxville, we excel in treating chronic pain, a common issue for many ex-athletes and physically active people. Chronic pain, unlike acute pain, persists for an extended period, often continuing for months or years. Our clinic is devoted to offering long-term relief and improving movement for those suffering from chronic pain, focusing on those transitioning from an athletic lifestyle to one constrained by continuous discomfort.

Understanding Chronic Pain in Athletes and Active Individuals

  • Persistent Discomfort: Chronic pain differs significantly from acute pain in its duration and persistence, often affecting former athletes with ongoing pain from old sports injuries or conditions developed over years of physical activity.
  • Challenges in Diagnosis: Chronic pain is elusive and complex to diagnose, often not showing up in standard medical tests. Our physical therapists specialize in identifying and understanding the scope of chronic pain related to musculoskeletal issues.

Common Types of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain takes various forms, such as sciatica, arthritis, headaches, pelvic joint pain, peripheral neuropathy, frozen shoulder, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow. These conditions significantly limit mobility and daily life quality, especially for those accustomed to regular physical activity.


Physical Therapy’s Role in Chronic Pain Management

  • Customized Therapeutic Plans: We provide personalized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique condition and daily activities.
  • Variety in Pain Relief Techniques: Our approach includes manual therapy, patient education on posture and movement strategies, and strengthening and flexibility exercises to rebuild and maintain physical function.

Innovative Solutions in Physical Therapy

  • Tailored Exercise Programs: We design exercises to alleviate long-term discomfort and enhance muscle strength for each patient’s unique needs.
  • Advanced Therapy Options: Treatment plans may include therapies like cupping, acupuncture, and decompression therapy, depending on individual needs.
  • At-Home Exercises: Patients are encouraged to continue exercises and stretches at home for long-term pain management and strength improvement.

Why Choose Shift Performance Physical Therapy?

  • Experienced and Specialized Care: Our team includes skilled physical therapists with experience in managing chronic pain for former athletes and active individuals.
  • Commitment to Lasting Relief: Our goal is to provide enduring relief and improved function to restore patients’ quality of life.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility and Techniques: We utilize the latest physical therapy techniques in our modern facility, designed to cater to our patients’ needs.


Embark on Your Journey to Pain-Free Living

If chronic pain is limiting your active lifestyle, Shift Performance Physical Therapy in Knoxville is here to help. Our team is committed to providing the care and support you need to manage your pain effectively and reclaim your mobility.

Take the First Step

Don’t allow chronic pain to control your life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and start on the path to a more comfortable, active future. At Shift Performance Physical Therapy, we’re dedicated to guiding you beyond pain and back to a life full of activity and enjoyment.


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Samar i

My neck and traps were so painful . One meeting with Dr. Blake and I felt so much better. He explained everything, didn’t rush. And made me feel comfortable with Dry Needling which is amazing .thank you ! I’ve seen him a few times now and it feels so good to know I can count on him for relief of any injury I encounter. 

Leslie Marmorstein

Blake is very thorough and attentive to your needs.  He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with the PT he assigns.  Blake is a wonderful person and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone that needs Physical therapy work.