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Embracing the Athletic Spirit at Shift Performance Physical Therapy

At Shift Performance Physical Therapy in Knoxville, we understand the unique challenges and risks involved in sports. Whether you’re a high school athlete, a college team member, or a weekend warrior, our clinic is dedicated to helping you overcome sports injuries and regain your strength and mobility.

Common Injuries Faced by Athletes

  • Repetitive Use Injuries: Conditions like tendonitis and runner’s knee are treated with tailored exercises and therapeutic techniques.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: We focus on strategies to reduce swelling and pain, restoring mobility and strength.
  • Traumatic Injuries: For injuries common in high-impact sports, we create custom regimens for pain management and accelerated healing.

Our Specialized Approach to Sports Injuries

At Shift Performance, our goal is to isolate injuries and rebuild strength, mobility, and stamina, helping you return to your sport with confidence.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment: Tailored to address specific injuries and craft a path to recovery.
  • Manual Therapy: Hands-on techniques to enhance movement and control.
  • Therapeutic Exercise: Assisting athletes in regaining strength for their sports.

Prevention and Performance Enhancement

  • Pre-Participation Evaluations: Assessing readiness and advising on injury prevention.
  • Customized Conditioning Programs: Designed to transition athletes back to their sport safely.

Whether you’re a teen athlete eager to return to your sport or an adult looking to maximize sports performance, Shift Performance Physical Therapy is here to assist. Our dedicated team understands the nuances of sports injuries and the importance of a targeted, effective recovery process.

Your Partner in Athletic Recovery and Excellence: At Shift Performance Physical Therapy, we are your partner in achieving athletic excellence and a pain-free, active lifestyle. Contact us today to embark on your journey to recovery and athletic excellence.


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Chris Conner

Shift Performance PT is not your ordinary PT! Dr. Blake is very knowledgeable but takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your goals. I have had lower back pain for years and thought I’d never be able to lift heavy again. I had basically given up on squats and deadlifts. I also have general back pain anytime I work in my yard or do construction projects around the house or church. But with his instruction and therapy I am stronger than ever and I feel better than I have in years! I highly recommend Shift Performance PT and if I could give him more than 5 stars, I would!! 

Robert Avery

I stumbled on a biz card for Shift Performance while working out at Bullman’s. Though I’d been going to the gym regularly for over a year (doing mostly cardio), I wasn’t seeing gains anymore and had developed some lower back problems. I knew I had to have more quality workouts. That said, my schedule is crazy, I’m neither a morning nor after-work athlete, and I don’t love group classes. I need flexibility but also structure/accountability, coaching, and personalization. That is exactly what I’ve gotten with Blake. And results. He puts in the time, I put in the time. And it works. Blake creates 4-5 workouts for me each week that I complete on my schedule, and we have a monthly check-in to train on new stuff, recognize improvements or setbacks, and reset goals. Can’t recommend Shift Performance enough!!