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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy IN Knoxville

At Shift Performance Physical Therapy in Knoxville, we excel in providing innovative physical therapy solutions tailored for former athletes and active individuals. Our expertise lies in helping you regain mobility and return to an active lifestyle, especially if you’re restricted by chronic pain or ongoing injuries. We’re proud to offer personalized blood flow restriction therapy, a cutting-edge treatment that enhances the effectiveness of your exercises, allowing you to overcome injury-imposed limitations.


Advanced Blood Flow Restriction Therapy at Shift Performance PT

Functionality of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: This innovative therapy uses a device similar to a blood pressure cuff, applied to specific limbs during exercise. By temporarily restricting blood flow, it intensifies muscle exertion, enabling effective workouts at reduced intensity, yet achieving the significant benefits of high-intensity training.

Benefits for Athletes: Renowned for boosting muscle growth and strength without heavy weights, blood flow restriction therapy is particularly beneficial for those constrained by pain or injury, encouraging muscle hypertrophy and strength gains effectively.


Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Therapy at Shift Performance PT

Individualized Approach: We understand each individual’s unique needs, so our therapy is tailored, considering factors like limb size and blood pressure, to ensure optimized and safe treatment.

Guided Exercise and Rehabilitation: Our therapists will lead you through exercises that align with your rehabilitation goals, offering a sensation akin to a high-intensity workout and contributing significantly to the therapy’s effectiveness.

Monitoring and Adjustments: We closely monitor your therapy, making adjustments to ensure safe and effective exercise practices, and prioritizing your comfort and progress.


Advantages for Former Athletes and Active Individuals

Restoring Muscle Balance: Blood flow restriction therapy effectively restores muscle equilibrium and tone, addressing common post-injury imbalances and aiding in regaining pre-injury strength and symmetry.

Psychological Benefits: This therapy provides a way to exercise effectively without exacerbating injuries, offering psychological benefits as you make noticeable progress in recovery.

Long-Term Recovery: Beyond immediate benefits, this therapy stimulates growth hormone release and muscle protein synthesis, contributing to sustained muscle health and recovery.

Minimal Side Effects: Generally well-received by patients, with minimal side effects, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.


Join Shift Performance Physical Therapy

Our team is dedicated to aiding former athletes and active individuals overcome chronic pain and injuries. Our personalized blood flow restriction therapy is part of our commitment to helping you rediscover an active lifestyle.

Your Recovery Journey: If you’re looking to enhance mobility and explore the benefits of our therapy, contact us at Shift Performance Physical Therapy in Knoxville. Let’s work together towards a healthier, more dynamic lifestyle.


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Sandra Brown

I had a great experience working with Blake. With his knowledge and his listening skills, he was able to get to the root of my problem and I started feeling better quickly. I only needed a few sessions with him and am now able to keep working on it by myself. I am so thankful for finally getting back to working out, thank you Blake! 

Matt McCrory

Blake is awesome. He is very knowledgeable and is passionate about helping people living a fully mobile and pain free life. He isn’t about treating symptoms or giving you advise on how to make pain stop while stopping you from doing the things you love. Blake is about helping you strengthen your weak points and building them up to eliminate pain in the long term while allowing you to enjoy the activities you like doing. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Physical therapist.