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We specialize in assisting former athletes and active individuals facing hip replacement surgery or recovering from it. Our approach is tailored to address the unique challenges and needs of this demographic, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the procedure and recovery.

Understanding Hip Replacement Surgery

Deeper Insight into Hip Replacement Surgery: Hip replacement involves replacing a damaged hip joint with high-quality artificial components, offering renewed mobility and comfort.

Identifying Candidates for Hip Replacement: Candidates often include those with severe pain, limited mobility, and a significant reduction in quality of life, especially when conservative treatments no longer provide relief.

Recognizing the Need for Hip Replacement: Identifying the need involves evaluating how symptoms impact daily life, particularly for former athletes accustomed to higher physical activity levels.

Causes Leading to Hip Replacement: We explore causes like prolonged sports injuries and congenital conditions in addition to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Hip Replacement Procedure and Recovery

The Hip Replacement Procedure Explained: Our explanation includes pre-operative preparations, anesthesia specifics, the step-by-step surgical process, and post-operative care.

Post-Surgery: The Road to Recovery: Recovery extends beyond the hospital stay, focusing on long-term rehabilitation strategies and lifestyle adaptations.

Why Choose Shift Performance Physical Therapy?

Pros and Cons of Hip Replacement: A Balanced View: We present a balanced view of the benefits and risks, crucial for former athletes with different physical demands and expectations.

The Vital Role of Physical Therapy in Recovery: Our programs focus on relearning movement patterns, adapting to the new joint, and rebuilding confidence in athletic activities.

Tailored Expertise: Our expertise in sports-related injuries and rehabilitation sets us apart, providing customized care for the specific needs of former athletes.

Your Recovery, Our Mission: We guide you through every step of your hip replacement journey, from pre-surgery consultations to post-surgery rehabilitation.

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Leslie Marmorstein

Blake is very thorough and attentive to your needs.  He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with the PT he assigns.  Blake is a wonderful person and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone that needs Physical therapy work. 

Cheri Siler

After over a year of shoulder pain, myofacial release therapy AND 3 different physical therapists…Blake has me moving pain free and getting stronger. He’s also helped me with some nutrition and fitness goals along the way. He listens and responds to what I tell him is going on. He’s also available to answer questions and offer support between appointments. I could not be more pleased! This is the beginning of a long partnership in my health! Thank you, Blake!!